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Organization: connecTel Inc.
Sector: Private
Contact Person: Doug Dembiczak
Address: 1501 Reedsdale Street, Ste. 3000, Pittsburgh, PA 15233
Phone: (412) 315-6022

Description of Services
connecTel Inc. and connecTel Wireless Inc. is a national landline and wireless telecommunications management, consulting and brokerage firm headquartered in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Our objective is to assist clients in improving their telecommunications infrastructure while reducing their overall expenses. We accomplish this task by pricing to service quality ratio that meets the customer's specified requirements.

connecTel Inc. and connecTel Wireless Inc. are privately held corporations. There are three primary owners and each owner is actively involved with the day-to-day operations of the company. The two companies have been able to grow and succeed by encouraging employees to be responsive to client needs. We also strongly encourage and conduct ongoing training sessions to ensure our employees have the most up to date information available in this fast changing industry.

We also owe our success to having a very low customer attrition rate. We are able to retain clients by investing in a superb customer support team. In addition, the sale people and support staff are compensated in a manner that encourages customer retention and satisfaction.

Few companies have the experienced staff or the time to constantly monitor trends in the telecommunications market. Our consultants function as an in-house resource to introduce the latest telecommunications technology into your infrastructure. We utilize years of experience to maximize efficiency and minimize costs.

connecTel Inc. provides a single managed solution for local, long distance, internet, data, cell phones, wireless aircards, Blackberry devices and all other smart phones.

We are an outside consultant acting as an inside resource. This saves time and money, and allows clients to focus their energies on growing their businesses.

connecTel Inc. and connecTel Wireless Inc. currently are the largest independent telecommunications brokerage and consulting firms in Southwestern Pennsylvania that can sell and support a full suite of telecommunication services in both the landline and wireless communications areas. connecTel offers these services as an authorized agent through our knowledgeable sales team. Our staff is comprised of experienced communications professionals with a variety of backgrounds. We possess the skill, knowledge and experience to offer innovative communications solutions.

connecTel introduces innovations in emerging technologies and simplifies customer migration while protecting their investment. connecTel assures that you get the most out of your present systems and provides continued growth through calculated investments in newer and better methods.

We strive to make system interruptions and network downtime a thing of the past. As an Authorized Agent for a multitude of carriers we have access to our vendors' numerous resources while providing personalized attention to our customers.

Our consultants lower your telecommunications costs via analysis of your current services and strategic evaluation of your future needs. Once lower costs are achieved, we function as an in-house telecom staff, providing ongoing support of your billing and service needs.