pghfree_net.jpgOrganization: Pittsburgh Free Net
Sector: Private
Contact Person: Mr. David Tessitor
Address: 7th Floor, Mitchell, Bldg, 304 Ross Street, Pittsburgh, PA 15219
Phone: (412) 343-6178
Web Site:

Description of Services
PghFree.Net offers free website hosting, email, webmail, web bulletin boards, chat rooms and mail list services to qualifying noncommercial, nonprofit organizations, citizen groups, and community oriented efforts of individuals.

In addition to being a free website host, PghFree.Net includes additional programs and tools designed to enhance communication, cooperation, and coordination among local non-profit organizations, citizen groups, and community efforts. The goal of PghFree.Net is to help each account holder:
  • better reach its members and participants
  • get their word out to other organizations and the general public
  • make fundraising easier and more effective
  • enable those involved to learn of activities and community resources offered by other PghFree.Net participants.

With or without a PghFree.Net hosted website, groups or efforts are welcome to participate and take advantage of PghFree.Net features, services, and activities. PghFree.Net also has a number of volunteer opportunities for individuals who want to help this effort.

Directories are password protected and secure ecommerce is available for fund raising and donations. In addition site statistics are available in a graphic format.