Organization: Midnight Sun Computing
Sector: Private
Contact Person: Ms. Suzanne Nuss
Address: 736 North Avenue, Wilkinsburg, PA 15221
Phone: (412) 438-1333 x5

Description of Services
Midnight Sun Computing, LLC provides applications to the human services field including mental health centers, D&A agencies, hospitals and children's agencies. One application, eligibility5010, sends client data to PA Promise to request and then process client eligibility for Medicaid services. Extensive reporting is provided including reports on which clients have changed, whether a client is scheduled to lose eligibility, and comprehensive reports on all clients. Reports can include clients scheduled for daily appointments, or be structured by caseworker, program/service provides or office location.

A second function within this application is to take the list of an agency staff, business associates and vendors and check them against the Federal LEIE and System for Award Management and the PA State medicheck database to see if the individuals or entities are on the excluded list.