micamedia.jpgOrganization: Mica Media
Sector: Private
Contact Person: Mr. Dan Foley
Title: Partner
Address: 3850 Brownsville Road, Pittsburgh, PA 15217
Phone: (412) 884-3319
Email: dan@micamedia.com
Web Site: http://www.micamedia.com/

Description of Services
Most services are subscription based, and can be paid monthly, as to fit with nonprofit budgets. All work is discounted at our special nonprofit rate.

Web Development with dynamic or static capabilities
The look and feel of your web site creates your online identity. Let us help you make it a great one. A well-designed site is more than just a cool look, it also means a site that functions efficiently. We can attach your site to online databases, program DHTML effects, and more.

Content Management System
We will custom program to meet the needs of your organization. We will program your site so you can update it, without opening the code, or knowing any programming at all. Just fill out an online form, and your website will be updated in real time.

Add Interactivity to your Current Static Site
Secure E-Commerce Shopping Cart, Online donations, Email Marketing, Online Contests, Message Boards, Surveys, Volunteer online, and more

Intranet | Virtual Office
Store all of your paper work in a secure online database, access information anywhere you can get online. Get organized and develop a ‘virtual office’

Brochures, Newsletters, Annual Reports, Menus, Handouts, Letterheads, Logos, Invitations, Postcards, Direct Mailers, Packaging (CD/DVD and more), Catalogues, and more. Mica Media's creative team will ensure all your print work is consistent with your organizations identity.