m2_tech.jpgOrganization: M2Technology
Sector: Private
Contact Person: Mr. Eric Franko
Title: Network Engineer
Address: 251 Lynnwood Drive, Pittsburgh, PA 15235
Phone: (412) 423-9033
Email: efranko@m2technology.com
Web Site: http://www.m2technology.com/

Description of Services
M2Technology is the layman’s answer to IT support and Internet technology. Every industry has a specialty - their own inherent characteristics, nature, language, market realties and challenges.

The computer industry isn’t any different - except for one major fact - its technology provides the means for all industries to complete their tasks more efficiently and effectively. It has in effect, changed the face and nature of the world - politically, socially and economically.

Instantaneous communications is not an option for any organization - it is now the foundation for its existence. Many industries have common products or services, but the culture of every company is different - i.e. their vision, goals, personnel and strategies - and this is why M2Technology exists.

M2Technology isn't biased towards specific hardware and software products - its purpose is to support each client’s choice and design a system that gives them maximum productivity and return on their investment.

Our services our wide ranging. We provide: The installation, maintenance and repair of servers, workstations and hardware; Web design, os-Commerce, flash and multimedia development, and website hosting.

Located in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, we’re a "24/7" computer support and web development group that treats every assignment as it were our first and last. We stand ready to support your business goals with technology support that will give you a deserved peace-of-mind - while ensuring your systems will maintain a level of performance second to none.