external image logo.jpgOrganization: Ceeva, Inc.
Sector: Private
Contact Person: Mr. Rick Topping
Title: Vice President
Address: 622 2nd Avenue, Pittsburgh, PA 15219
Phone: (412) 690-2300 x342
Fax: (412) 690-2305
Email: rtopping@ceeva.com
Website: http://www.ceeva.com

Description of Services

Ceeva’s Mission:
Ceeva, Inc. is a professional services firm whose mission is to enhance our clients’ operation by creatively solving business problems through the effective utilization of technology. Ceeva provides full solutions, including hardware, software, and integration services. We continue to grow because we remain focused on fiscal responsibility, our core values and customer satisfaction.

Ceeva’s Vision:
To bring technology and people together to create solutions to everyday business problems.

Our services platform extends to a wide variety of areas. Some of our specialty areas are:

  • Operation-E-Cycle for Non-Profit Organizations - Partnered with the NCNE (National Center for Non-Profit Management)
    • Operation e-Cycle works as follows: NCNE accepts donations of computer equipment from local companies, organizations and government agencies then redeploys (i.e. "recycle") these items to local non-profits for little or no cost.
    • Ceeva, Inc. works with the non-profits to refurbish the donated equipment to meet their needs for no little or no cost.
    • Download a case study for more information:
  • Cloud-migration services
    • Consultation and support for helping you understand why or why not to move your business to a cloud computing platform
    • Cloud integration
    • Technical support for your cloud-based system
  • Managed Services
    • Help Desk | Network Infrastructure | Remote Access | Smartphones | Tablets | Workstations | Laptops | Servers | Monitoring
    • Monitoring | Management | Security Scanning | Inventory Management | License Management | Granular Reporting
    • Custom Software | Database Management | Website Construction | Content Management Systems | Search Engine Optimization
    • Download our Managed Services brochure for more information:
  • Disaster Recovery / Business Continuity
    • Secure On-site and Off-site backups
    • Fully redundant
    • 15 minute recovery point from complete server outage