book_minders.jpgOrganization: Bookminders, Inc.
Sector: Private
Contact Person: Mr. Thomas Joseph
Title: President
Address: 1010 Western Avenue, Suite 400, Pittsburgh, PA 15233
Phone: (412) 323-2665 x222

Description of Services
Bookminders is the region's premiere provider of accounting and information management services to non-profit organizations, and provides its' outsourced services in a timely, accurate and cost effective manner. Bookminders' service allows non-profit organizations to focus on their mission while avoiding the distractions inherent with supporting an in-house accounting function.

Since its founding in 1991, Bookminders has developed an expertise in non-profit accounting and serves many of the region's most prominent non-profit organizations. In addition to processing financial data, Bookminders assists its clients with budgeting, board reporting, and tracking revenues and expenses by program and/or grant. Bookminders also prepares financial information for auditors and outside consultants.