B3.jpgOrganization: B-Three Solutions
Sector: Private
Contact Person: Mr. Mike Walton
Address: 555 Davidson Road, Suite 4, Pittsburgh, PA 15239
Phone: (412) 712-1000
Email: mwalton@bthreesolutions.com
Website: http://www.bthreesolutions.com

Description of Services
BIII (B-Three) stands for Business Improvement, Business Integration, and Business Intelligence. We assist medium-to-large organizations to align their business goals, processes, and technology. We propose solutions that are consistent with business logic and justified by cost-effectiveness. B-Three's design-driven, business-focused approach to IT projects ensures success and maximizes the return on your investment.

B-Three believes that this approach is as valid for the "business" of a not-for-profit organization as it is for our private-sector clients. In the scope of work for our clients, we maintain a balance between private-sector and public-sector projects.

Before drawing up a contract, B-Three's friendly, experienced professionals (our application development and management personnel have been employed in the information technology field for an average of 15 years) work with you to identify a cost-effective solution that meets your needs. We then quote a fixed fee for the project. After signing the contract, we get right to work - keeping you informed with regular status meetings, and finishing the project on time. We are confident of the soundness of our approach, and thus we guarantee our work with a one-year warranty.

At B-Three, we understand that nonprofits must always operate with limited resources of time and money. In those circumstances, our track record of on-time, on-budget performance - substantiated by references and backed up with a guarantee - makes B-Three an option well worth exploring.

Please visit our web site (http://www.bthreesolutions.com) for more information about the company, including details on our technical capabilities.